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The Rosicrucian Order is a worldwide mystical fraternity, a body of men and women devoted to the study and practical application of natural and spiritual laws in their personal lives. It consists of men and women from almost every race, creed, culture and occupation in over 100 countries divided geographically and by language into several jurisdictions known as Grand Lodges. Each Grand Lodge publishes the Rosicrucian teachings in one or more of 13 languages. AMORC, as a traditional and mystical Order is interested in eternal values and strives to guide its members towards an approach of Absolute Truth.

The Rosicrucian Order AMORC is known internationally by its traditional and authentic title, The Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis, from which is derived the acronym "AMORC". The Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis is the latin form of the organization's name, which literally translates into The Ancient Mystical Order of the Rosy Cross.

There is no religious connotation associated with this symbol, the Rosy Cross Symbol predates Christianity. The Cross Symbolically represents the human body and the rose represents the Individual's unfolding consciousness. Together the rose and cross represent the experiences and challenges of a thoughtful life well lived. Thus by our name and symbol, we represent the ancient fraternity of Rosicrucians perpetuating the true traditions of Rosicrucian movements from centuries past to the present day.

The Rosicrucian movement, of which the Rosicrucian Order AMORC is the most prominent modern representative, has its roots in the mystery traditions, philosophy and myths of ancient Egypt dating back to approximately 1500 B.C. In antiquity the word "mystery" referred to a special gnosis, a secret wisdom. Thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt, select bodies of schools were formed to explore the mysteries of life and learn the secrets of this hidden wisdom. Only sincere students, displaying a desire for knowledge and meeting certain tests were considered worthy of being inducted into these mysteries. 

At the end of the 17th century came a flowering of scientific knowledge, but a great many of its leaders, men such as Isaac Newton and Rene Descartes were mystical philosophers first and foremost, a fact shamefully erased by their early biographers but now acknowledged by much of today’s world has been built upon principles established by the Rosicrucian and Masonic leaders of these movements, which, at that time, shared much by way of knowledge and method.

Today’s Rosicrucian Order, AMORC (The Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis), was formed in the early years of the 20th century by Dr H. Spencer Lewis, who was empowered to restart the Order by esoteric authorities in France who were the custodians of the authentic Rosicrucian heritage. . AMORC is a worldwide organisation which protects and spreads the ancient teachings in a rapidly changing world.

The Order was officially established in Nigeria in October 1933. The Rosicrucian Park which is situated in Calabar, serves as the Regional Administration for English speaking West Africa under the English Grand lodge for Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Because the Rosicrucian Order concerns itself primarily with Inner development, it will probably not attract much outer attention. Although Rosicrucians have been advertising in national magazines worldwide for over 75 years, they have traditionally kept a low profile for they do not believe in forcing their views on others.

The Order is there for anyone interested in receiving what it has to offer, and anyone who really searches will eventually encounter it. The studies are designed to appeal to people who have truly searching questions and are looking for thorough, penetrating answers. Through the Order's system of instruction and training, most answers are eventually attainable. The process of unfoldment that is the Order's main task, begins however with one person at a time, and every sincere seeker could be that person.


The subjects of the Order's written teachings have been carefully integrated to form a flowing continuity with each subject relating and flowing into the next. The system follows a carefully structured order of presentation with major topics being divided into "degrees".

These degrees are further grouped into broad categories under titles such as the Postulant, Neophyte, and Initiate Sections. Within each degree the topics are presented in the form of weekly lessons called Monograghs which you will receive by mail each month. You should be able to study a new monograph each week of the year, though as with everything else in life, results are only obtained in direct proportion to the efforts you are prepared to expend. You will be expected to make a sincere attempt at understanding the teachings, though no special talents or training are required to grasp them.


per quarter
  • N3000 Registration Fee
  • N7500 Quarterly Dues
  • OR
  • N4000 Registration Fee for Companion Members
  • N9000 Quarterly Dues for Companion Members


per annum
  • N3000 Registration Fee
  • N25000 Annual Dues
  • OR
  • N4000 Registration Fee for Companion Members
  • N30,000 Annual Dues for Companion Members


per semi-annum
  • N3000 Registration Fee
  • N15000 Semi-Annual Dues
  • OR
  • N4000 Registration Fee for Companion Members
  • N18,000 Semi-Annual Dues for Companion Members


The Rosicrucian Order, AMORC is a fraternal organization that maintains a system of local Rosicrucian groups. You have the option and privilege of attending a Lodge, Chapter or Pronoas if there is one in you area. 

Here you can enjoy the company of fellow Rosicrucians, hear inspiring lectures, engage in mystical experiments and participate in beautiful ceremonies. You will also have the opportunity to attend a variety of special events, seminars and conventions.

No Rosicrucian member is obliged to associate with a local Rosicrucian group, but it is highly recommended as a unique opportunity to enrich your membership experience.


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English West Africa Administration, AMORC
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Cross River State, Nigeria.

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